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About us: web site design & internet marketing

Who is the "us" is in "about us"? Although I regularly consult with other professionals, I do this work myself. Does it count if I wear a number of hats? The real reason is that "about us" has become the dominant convention for naming this kind of page.

About those hats. A good web site designer has to have a number of skill sets, including graphic design, usability, accessibility, search engine optimization, HTML and cascading style sheet coding, and web application programming. That alone makes for a lot of hats on the rack.

And web site design is only part of my work.

Much of what I do is consult with professionals, small businesses, and creative artists about how to use the internet to achieve their goals. Successful web site owners—and the best web developers—have a solid understanding of marketing. Researching each specialized niche is essential to learning:

  • how similar businesses have succeeded with internet marketing,
  • what hasn't worked, and
  • special opportunities in your market.

I often dissuade clients from spending money on projects that are unlikely to provide a return on their investment. Because the internet is constantly changing, this research is necessarily an ongoing process.

Some of my recent projects are multilingual and bilingual web sites or sister web sites in multiple languages. I speak Spanish, so if you're Spanish-speaking and want to market to English-speaking audiences, or vice versa, let's talk!

I'm located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, near Washington, DC, between Baltimore and Annapolis on the east coast of the United States. Some of my clients are in Maryland; others are spread across the USA and Europe.

My training and skill as an artist are a great help in my web site design and marketing work. I continue painting, although at a reduced level. If you'd like to view some of my fine art, please visit

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