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Current Projects

In Web Design & Internet Marketing for Small Businesses, Professionals, & Creative Artists

The site owner, Peter Ferrito, wanted to update the Ferrito Education site. We decided to change the site name to "Teens2Teams™" in order to better represent the focus of Mr. Ferrito's team-building workshops. I created a logo for the new name and a fresh website design. In the process I upgraded the site to use CSS for layout and added a number of new automated features to the website.

We're now working to add new content and to complete a search engine optimization for a few selected phrases.

I've recently cleaned up the open-source forum software to correct most of the validation errors. For the non-forum parts of Asturian-American Migration Forum, I'm moving the site to a CSS layout and a multilingual site structure.

I'm adding a custom announcements feature to Matthew-Daniel Stremba's storytelling website. With this software Matthew can create, edit, reorder, and delete multiple announcements without any assistance from me. Being able to do the work himself will save him a lot in labor costs. In developing the feature, I've tailored it to match his specific needs. For example, the announcements editor allows him to outdo e.e. cummings with wacky text formatting. Take a look at the current Storyman Live announcements.

I'm creating a new multilingual web site for the luthier Carlos Moreno Garcia. Carlos is an Asturian bagpipe constructor working in northern Spain. The site will provide general information about Spanish bagpipes as well as market his hand-crafted gaitas.

Still Under Wraps

I am consulting with an internet startup on marketing and technical issues.

In my spare time I am developing a handicapped artist's portfolio site. Besides doing the web development, I am also taking photos and collecting comments about the artist and his work.

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