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Design Portfolio

Three Generations of Asturian-American Painters

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The Arte Asturias site began as a means of exhibiting the paintings of three generations of painters. As the site developed, it became a storytelling medium, too.


This site recycled features originally developed for, including the gallery pages, the contact page, and send an e-card feature. The most popular pages on this site are those which tell the personal story of each artist.

Technical Aspects

Each artist's "gallery" has a main page which shows all of the paintings with thumbnails. If the visitor clicks on any of the images, this opens another window with a larger version of the same image. The visitor may then click through the gallery painting by painting, in either direction.

Gallery page in site for three painters

Gallery page in — Visit a gallery page on this creative arts web site

The image gallery was programmed entirely in JavaScript so that users won't have to request an entirely new page from the server each time they view a new image. If the images have been viewed before, then the gallery can be viewed while offline. New images can be easily added to the gallery by adding a single line of data to the page.

The greeting card feature allows users to send a friend a digital greeting card using one of the images from the galleries. The sender chooses an image and writes a message. The program sends an email to both the card's sender and recipient. Either person can click on a link in the email to view the card. To encourage guests to visit the rest of the web site, the complete card appears on the web site, rather than in the recipient's mail box. Data for the card is stored in a database on the web server.

The contact page on this site uses software I've written to verify that required information is included and that the email addresses are formed correctly and use valid domains. Emails are sent to both the sender and site owner through the site's web server rather than through the sender's email client. Without this feature, many visitors using a public computer would be unable to send an email.

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