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Asturian-American Migration Forum

A multilingual discussion forum and cultural resource

Discussion forum for cultural organziation home page — Visit this multilingual web site


This site began as an effort to connect the descendants of the thousands of Asturians who emigrated in the early 1900s from this region in northern Spain. The site owners envisioned the American grandchildren and children of these immigrants retelling their family and community stories, learning about Asturian culture, and finding cousins we may not have known we had.

To our surprise, over half of our members are present-day Asturians. A few of these Asturians are our Spanish cousins, but many more have become involved because the Asturian news media have given an incredible amount of positive coverage.


The main features of the site are a photo album, a list of Asturian-related links, and a forum.

In the forum members discuss Asturian culture and language, help each other with genealogical research, and share recipes and stories. Through this web-based forum, we have built a lively community that has far exceeded our dreams.

Example of an entry in the forum

A message in the forum — Visit the forum of this online community

One of the most challenging aspects of this forum is that members write in three languages: English, Castilian Spanish, and Asturian. Many of the members can not read the other languages. Volunteers have been translating some of the posts. The forum controls and key pages on the site are available in multiple languages.

Technical Aspects

The site displays a number of photos, most of which have been scanned by members and optimized by me. The photo album runs on software I developed.

The forum is based on phpBB, which is free, open source software. I have adapted the layout to match the rest of the site and added a number of features to the code to meet our special needs.

I have performed a search engine optimization on the core site, and have also modified the forum so that its text can be indexed in search engines. The site has earned top 10 rankings for a large number of search engine listings.

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