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Pool Tech

Swimming Pool Management, Maintenance, and Repair

Swimming pool management company's site with both marketing and staff management features

Pool Tech home page — Visit this small business site


The Pool Tech web site incorporates their new logo and identity package. A large part of the redesign involved rethinking the navigational structure of the site to make it easier for visitors to use.

In planning the site, the project supervisor's main interest was to automate previously time-consuming administrative functions related to managing a very large staff of workers.


A custom program allows the site owner to add two different kinds of messages to the site by simply typing a title and text for each message. The messages appear immediately on appropriate pages of the site. You can see these announcements at the top of the page in the narrower right-hand column.

A similar feature allows the training manager to type in details about the date, time, place, and any special information for upcoming training events. Employees can then sign up for these events on the site. Job applications are also taken through the site.

Sign-up form for training event with event information filled in automatically

Sign-up form for training events — View the online sign-up form

When a site visitor submits a job application or training sign-up form, the program checks the data to ensure that all required fields are filled in. The program then sends the data to both the visitor and the appropriate manager by email.

The site uses a pure CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) layout and is fully web standards compliant. This makes the site fast loading and forward-compatible with emerging web technologies.

Future Plans

We've discovered that the project supervisor has unusually good copywriting skills. In a later stage, we plan to replace the current content with text that focuses more on customers' needs and concerns. We're also planning to do search engine optimization at the same time.

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