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Stremba & Company

Storyteller Matthew-Daniel Stremba writes about unforgettable figures from Baltimore City, Russia, and Uzbekistan

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Stremba & Company began as a dare. Matthew-Daniel Stremba will tell you that he dislikes computers and would much rather be typing on his old manual typewriter:

I can still recall the days of my Remington Quietwriter. The underline key was the uppercase 6. And, of course, underlining was keyed in after typing the line.

And the keyboard was a real keyboard. As much difference as driving connected to your transmission via a real gearshift, rather than making-believe as you once did as a kid, mouthing "vroom-vroom" and miming grown-up manual operations.

Mmm-MMM, the Remington, now that was pleasure.

—Matthew-Daniel Stremba

Yet with coaching from me, he has learned to do most of the preparation of the new pages for his site. In fact, he seems to be enjoying his new geekiness. Don't tell his Remington!

Matthew-Daniel Stremba is a writer and storyteller, so his web site is an additional medium through which he can tell his stories. Uh, oh. It looks like I might be in danger of inhabiting one of his stories:

How is Art Zoller Wagner much like a veteran plasterer, or an ace violin-maker, or a surgeon, or Tashkent brickyard workers?

What our 73-year-old master plasterer did when our 1881 dining room ceiling threatened to fall on us, what old Holzapfel accomplished when I brought in my battered fiddle, what the surgeon achieved when my hernia needed repair, how the brickyard men managed to reattach the rear right shock absorber that had ripped from our Jeep's bottom was very like what Art the webmaster does.

They all to a man not only did the job and did it well, but they also, in the process, gave me comfort in knowing I'd put the work in the right hands. What else do you require from a master? Confidence and the results that vindicate it.

And Art Zoller Wagner is not only a member of such a group of aces, he's more, helping to create something that hadn't been before.

—Matthew-Daniel Stremba


As a creative person, the appearance of his site is very important to Matthew, so he and I work collaboratively to lay out each of his pages. I have used cascading stylesheets (CSS) for most of the layout. Using CSS makes this process easier and more predictable for him.

I created his logo as part of designing the site.

A story page in storyteller Matthew-Daniel Stremba's site

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His contact page uses a script I wrote which ensures that visitors fill out all required fields (blanks). The program then emails copies of the message to both the visitor and to the site owner.

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