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Leadership and Team-building Training Workshops for Youth

Professional site for a teen leadership and team-building trainer home page — Visit this professional web site


Teens2Teams™ provides youth organizations with leadership and team-building workshops. This small business works primarily with student government organizations, marching bands, and sports teams. The site plays a lead role in the site owner's marketing plan.

The site is aimed at attracting the adult leaders of these groups with information about his workshops and articles about teen leadership and team-building. The ultimate goal of the site is that these leaders will contact Mr. Ferrito for more information about his workshops.

Search engine listings and pay-per-click search engine advertising drive traffic to the site.


The main features of the site are leadership and team-building articles written by Peter Ferrito, descriptions of his services, and strongly supportive letters of reference from clients. Briefer testimonials appear on most pages of the site.

The contact page uses a program I have written which ensures that visitors fill out all required fields (blanks). The program automatically sends copies of the message to both the visitor and to the site owner.

Programming is also used to control the navigation options and customize the site for the visitors' interests.

Detail of contact form, which uses code to validate user's data before sending it as an email

Detail of the contact page on — View the contact form on this site

Technical & Marketing Assistance

I consult regularly with Peter Ferrito about Web marketing opportunities. We have recently updated the site design with a fully CSS layout. We will be adding content which is more explicitly customer-centric and reoptimizing for the search engines.

I also assist Mr. Ferrito with technical issues, prepare the layouts of many of his printed documents, and design other business graphics, including a tabletop display for conventions.

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